Mr. and Mrs. Spagnuolo
"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart."

Said "I Do" on April 22nd 2023

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Clare and Michael share a love of books and libraries, in fact, they met while working in one (though Clare would say they actually met much earlier when she spotted Michael while volunteering at the same library that she eventually got a job in and knew immediately that she wanted to marry him).  Through working together on the famous library "Night Crew", the two became fast friends.  They, and the rest of their crew, had adventures at night in the library that will live in infamy, and they also ventured out on the town together where Michael says they "partied hard and ate lots of pizza".  The gang enjoyed their time together, but Clare and Michael began forging a relationship outside of the "gang", and eventually their bond - forged through friendship and teamwork - turned romantic.  It happed one evening when they just couldn't help themselves and kiss proved to be the magical key to what will be "their forever".

When asked what she loves most about Michael, Clare says, "I love Michael for his selflessness and patience.  He would do anything to make me happy."

Two from the "Night Crew"...forever in love!


When asked what he loves most about Clare, Michael says, "I love Clare for all the warmth and joy she brings to my life."

Clare and Michael became an offical "couple" on Halloween in 2019.  They moved in together by Christmas-time that same year.  In February of 2022, Michael proposed to Care at Disney World during the fireworks show.  They decided to say their vows at the famous Madonna Inn because Clare and her family visted it on family road trips when she was a child.  The Inn's mix of iconic beauty and unique quirkiness made it the perfect backdrop for one of the most beautiful and special days of Michael and Clare's lives.  They were joined by their closest family and friends, and shared a day filled with so much love that it was palpable.  Clare looked absolutely beautiful in her "untraditional" wedding gown, and Michael made an incredible handsome groom.  Their vows brought tears, only to be overshadowed by the pure joy shared by everyone in attendance.  Congratulations, Clare and Michael, may your journey through life together be a cinematic as your story thus far!

Grab a kleenex, sit back and enjoy this photographic journey through Clare and Michael's special day.  If you see a photograph that you love, you can purchase prints, canvases or metal wall art easily through the website and it will be shipped directly to your door.  


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